Time of the Warrior

Stones of Scotland 1

When Kara accepts the job of a lifetime - as a time traveller - the last thing she expects is to fall in love with an ancient warrior.

Time of the Warrior Cover Celtic.jpg

Time of the King

Stones of Scotland 2

Fleeing from her ex-husband, Bethany tumbles through time - and into the arms of a handsome king.

Time of the King Cover Celtic.jpg

Time of the Highlander

Stones of Scotland 3

In an attempt to rescue her boyfriend, Brigid finds herself trapped in eighteenth-century Scotland - and married to a Highland laird.

Time of the Highlander Cover Celtic.jpg

Time of the Legions

Stones of Scotland 4

When a plane crash flings Bella back through time, she teams up with a disgraced Roman soldier in a desperate attempt to make it home.

Time of the Legions Cover.jpg